• The Game's Changed3:18
  • Stop Snitchin3:57
  • All I Want It Cash4:46
  • Rock All Night2:28
  • Paradise4:24
  • Rain Dance3:46
  • 100%3:23
  • Papi Palo Rico/Swag4:01
  • iDont Know2:35
  • Before Rap3:17
  • I'm A hustler2:28
  • Shorty Wanna Ball3:37
  • Turnt Up3:12
  • Money On My Mind3:14
  • Will iPay3:10
  • 1Way2Go3:11


Every few years a revolutionary person comes into the Hip Hop industry and transforms the way we listen, feel, and experience Hip Hop….it becomes more than music, it becomes a movement. Prophit is nothing short of revolutionary; even his stage name which derived from a conversation with his cousin is more than meets the eye. Prophit and his cousin came up with the name because he is a business man and profit is what they aim to achieve. The reason why it is not spelled in the common form is because of Prophit’s ability to paint pictures with words and in parables which are more so found in scriptures. Prophit came from a lower middle-class family and was born in Hialeah, FL., but times have changed and today this revolutionary artist now resides in his own beach house. 

Prophit founded Dirty Works Entertainment, LLC. in 2005, but unfortunately his team and a series of unfortunate events kept his company from flourishing. The tenacity of Prophit kept him pushing and so in 2013 he and Bonnie “Busy Bee” Elizabeth were able to shift Dirty Works Entertainment into a label we can expect to be the forefront of the revolution.

Prophit has always felt the natural need to go into the music industry. As a child his father would listen to classic rock which influenced Prophit and as he got older his musical preferences was of an eclectic blend. “Walk This Way” remixed by Aerosmith and Run DMC was THE TRACK that made Prophit fall in love with Hip Hop and at that point he started to gear his ear more towards the genre. Prophit remembers his first performance like it was yesterday, but in reality his first performance was at a family event performing the track “It Takes Two” at the tender age of 8.

Prophit considers himself an average man; he is outgoing, funny, witty, confident, driven and ambitious. What makes him revolutionary is that he represents a lost way of life that he feels needs to be revived and so he gears his music towards all lovers of hip hop. Prophit intends to bring something different to the music industry. He wants to cause a paradigm shift so grand that it is so old school, it becomes something brand new.

In August 2015, Prophit released his mixtape titled “The Cuban Connect, which gives us an inside look into his life experiences; the good, the bad, and the downright ugly. Currently Prophit is pushing his single “Stop Snitchin”, the name speaks for itself, but the idea came because in today’s society it seems no one is “man enough” to accept responsibility for their own actions and it has become the norm to throw dirt on the next man’s name, whether it is family or friends. DJ Bigg V, one of the most influential program directors in Mississippi is quoted saying “The Record speaks for itself. Some of the Realest shit to drop in a long while!!!!! Need this Record.” and DJ D Souff out of Carolina stated “they call you Prophit cause you preaching! Song is the truth”

The movement will not cease any time soon, Prophit is gearing up to hit various markets, media outlets, and TV screens soon. They say the revolution will not be televised, but we beg to differ. There are many records on deck and with their releases the industry will continue to be shaken up. As you can tell from his background and current status Prophit came from humble beginnings and even though he is doing relatively well, he never forgets where he is from, his beliefs, and his morals. Join the movement or continue to hear about it because stopping is not something he plans on doing.